10 CITIES MISSION is a 10 year church planting initiative of Rock of Grace Family Ministries in Kinsman, OH. This website is aimed at informing prospective pastors, youth pastors, worship leaders, kids ministry directors… about our 10 Year Mission and enabling them to begin dreaming with us and applying to join us. You can also visit RockofGrace.org to learn more about our church.

Lets Back Up

In 2001, I wrecked by car on my way to Chicago. I was moving there for one year to raise money for Bible College. A pastor who was planting a church visited me in the Hospital and asked me to be his worship leader for his new church plant. I said “yes” not knowing God was preparing me for something greater in the future.

Fast forward 4 years. In 2005 when I graduated Bible College, a few people gave me the same prophetic word - that I would “plant churches.” I always felt that meant that I would be the planter - that I would go and plant a church, then maybe 5 years later, go plant another. But as with any word from the Lord, “we see in part” as the Bible says. God was only giving me a glimpse into my future - just enough to trust Him yet require faith and prayer.

I served on staff with my dad for 13 years January, 2005 - January, 2018. I said “yes” to the Lord to becoming Lead Pastor and began a 2 1/2 year process with my dad, Mark Biel. He and Pam pastored here for 26 years and built a solid foundation and honestly transformed our city for Jesus. In April 2017, I was driving through Cortland on my way to church and I heard God speak to my heart. “Plant churches and start here.” The Holy Spirit began to say “Remember all those words spoken to you about planting churches? Remember in Bible College when you prayed about that? I’m going to begin doing that after you begin pastoring Rock of Grace. Just say “yes.”

I said “How?” And I really felt like the Lord just say “Start here. Start here in Cortland and then I’ll give you the rest of the plan later.” A year passed. I gave the vision to the church and our congregation has responded with such faith and generosity! We bought a building beside the Cortland Bank on Main Street. We opened our first campus in Cortland on Easter, 2019 and God has been working in people’s lives each and every week! They’ve already moved to two services with an average of 130 people each week. Praise God for what HE is doing!

The 10 Cities Mission came though from a Word that was given to me in Nov. 2017, then it was repeated in Aug. 2018. As if God were saying “Don’t ignore me on this. This is your new assignment.”

In the video below, you’ll hear the full story of how the “10 Cities” element in the plan came to be. The first video shares the 4 objectives God has laid upon our heart. These are the 4 ways we aim to see the Gospel positively impact our region, Trumbull County. #TRANSFORMTRUMBULL

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10 Cities Mission

Why Plant Churches Who Plant Churches?

4 Reasons 

Healthy Living Organisms & Organizations Multiply / The Church God Started Did Too 

We believe that if we are a healthy church, if we are Spirit-filled and Jesus-centered, then we will reproduce and multiply.  Like any Spirit-filled church, we believe that we truly are a continuation of the church the Holy Spirit started in the book of Acts.  We read in the book of Acts that “those who were saved were added to their number daily.”  In the early church, not only were people saved but a portion of them were called by God to enter full-time ministry.  They stepped out in faith to go to a new city and began to minister there, establishing a church of Jesus-followers.  Again some were sent-out and they entered full-time ministry.  This is how the church perpetuated.  This was the strategy and mission that God gave them.  As your pastor, I not only want to see people healed, people saved and added daily to the church here in Kinsman, but I also want to see churches being planted and leaders sent out to reach more so that the number of those being saved is greater and that those being saved can be discipled because Jesus commanded us to make disciples not believers. This is what we see in the book of Acts. Namely in chapter 11, we see that the believers were first called “Christians” as they began to plant churches in Antioch and the surrounding region. Why? They not only wanted to evangelize the world - tell people about the saving power of Jesus - but they wanted to disciple the new believers. They wanted to establish a pastor who would mentor them and see them grow spiritually - becoming more and more like Christ. (Eph 4:11-13) They also wanted to create churches so that more ministers could be raised up and sent out to plant more churches. We simply want to follow the book of Acts model. We are planting churches who plant churches.

To Obey The Word God Gave Us

Holy Spirit gave the same specific word to me about leading 10 Cities through 2 mature Christ-Followers.                   

Neither of these two guys knew each other at all.  2 prophetic words were given to me, 1st by John Farmwald then confirmed again by Pastor Al Yanno and both said “I believe you are to be a captain of 10 cities”  I do not step into this wild endeavor out of any vain pursuit.  I have no aim or motive outside of obedience the Word of the Lord.  Honestly, it would be much much more comfortable for me to simply be pastor and minister those who are here weekly.  It would be much, much easier for me to preach every Sunday, lead the incredible team God’s given us, make music on Fridays and simply enjoy my family and life “as usual”  It would be easier to not “rock the boat”  But, that’s not what God’s asking of me.  That’s not congruent with what He’s spoken to my heart. He’s made His request clear and I have committed my life to be obedient to Him, to be a wise servant, since I was a teenager in the 90’s.  I will not compare myself to the other servants as those in the parables did.  That made Jesus, the Master angry.  I will simply aim to put a smile on His face by simply completing my assignment from the Master and running my race.  And I’m praying you run with me because I can NOT do this alone.  I need you to run with this vision with me and we’ll see all of Trumbull County transformed by the power of Jesus Christ!   

The Ohio-For-Jesus Movement                                                      

The third reason I feel so compelled to move forward with this bold step of faith is this: This mission of planting churches has been confirmed by our State Pastor, John Wooton.  After visiting Tanzania, he was given a clear strategy for winning “Ohio For Jesus”  In fact, an entire movement has begun.  Visit www.OhioForJesus.com to learn more.  He has just recently asked every single Assemblies of God to church to begin a process to plant another church.  This is unheard of.  In the past, PAC (Parent Affiliated Churches) were rare especially in the Assemblies of God.  But Pastor John and 39 other AG pastors have seen what God has done in in the Assemblies of God in Tanzania where 10,000 churches have been planted in the last 10 years (yes you heard that right - 10,000 churches with 1,000,000 people saved and added to the church.  What did God reveal to Pastor John?  Our impact can be exponential instead of additional!  This is what He revealed to me months ago in April 2017 since I first pulled into a parking lot in Cortland and God said “You’ll plant churches and your first plant will be here in Cortland.”  And this mission has been unfolding since then.  This mission was confirmed John Farmwald 7 months later in November 2017, then in May of 2018 by Pastor Al Yanno and now by a “3rd Witness” from the voice of our State-Wide Pastor John Wooton in speaking of the direction for the entire state of Ohio Assemblies of God churches!  I’m certain that this is what we are being asked by God to do.  It will require faith, finances, focus & faithful people.  There may be changes that are made in order for us to complete our assignment from the Master.  The very idea of “focus” means to remove that which isn’t in center of your attention - to blur out those things that are not to be focused on, even if those other things are “good”  We will be committed to this end - preaching Jesus and His forgiveness and seeing hearts surrender to Him, becoming worshipers, disciples and even disciples who make disciples.  This is the Kingdom.  This is the Gospel.  Uniquely, this mission of 10 Cities in 10 Churches in 10 Years is our mission for Rock of Grace moving forward.

To Impact Our Region & #TransformTrumbull County For Jesus

We have 4 objectives we want to see by Jan, 2030. Hear about those in detail by visiting www.TransformTrumbull.com

  • Reduce Violent Crimes Annually from 307 to 275

  • See 140 Children Adopted into Forever Families (14 Children per church in 10 Churches; Kinsman Campus plus 9 we plant)

  • Reduce Overdose Deaths from 140 to 100 or Less

  • Reduce the Percentage of Single-Parent Homes from 35% to 25%

Jesus Christ can do this in the lives of thousands of individuals living in Trumbull County! Where is the truth of Jesus and His power to transform a life found? In Churches!

The Biblical Perspective of the Church and it’s Function

I’ve preached from Ephesians 4, Mathew 28 & Ex. 18 numerous times sharing on the priesthood of the believers and the call for every believer to become a disciple-maker.  It’s been beautiful to see so many of you take this vision to heart, join a Life Group, start a Life Group or invite people into your homes! It’s been amazing to hear that you’re telling neighbors and co-workers about Jesus!  You’re moving from believer to disciple to disciple-maker and that is incredible!  That is the heart of God for each of us!

We believe God’s Word teaches us that a pastor’s role is first to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and second to comfort those who are hurting.  God gave us a Biblical instruction manual as to how we will see the end-time harvest that Heaven has planned.  This is the strategy God has laid out in his word.  And Rock of Grace gets to play a role in that Kingdom strategy!  We can continue to only pray for revival or we can heed the Lord’s command to cast our net on the other side and change our strategy for seeing revival.  Now our prayers will also have a plan, a 10 year plant to transform Trumbull County for Jesus!

What God has confirmed to me through 3 witnesses is now firm in my heart.  What once freaked me out only a year ago now excites and invigorates me because I realize that if God is with me, who can be against me?   John 14 tells me that Jesus is in me and that the Father is in Jesus and that we are ONE.  In that truth, I can make this statement: We can dream B I G G E R!  GOD, a very BIG God is in us and He is dreaming inside of me!  He is dreaming of 10 cities being reached for Heaven!  10 cities who are spiritually declining in Trumbull County will begin to spiritual revive!  I believe as they are changed spiritual they will even change economically.  


God is going to raise up a pillar of truth in each of these additional 9 cities.  He’s going to raise a church, a lighthouse for the broken and hurting.  God is building His church and we get to be apart!   God’s Spirit is winning Ohio For Jesus and we get to be apart of it!   We were disciples who were fishing for men and only catching a few here and there.  Jesus has walked on to he water, visited us and told us to try something different - to cast our net on the other side - to change our methods.  Jesus is leading the way and we get to follow Him together!  AND we get to lead people to follow Him as He commanded us to in Matt 28.  Though there are various ministries at Rock of Grace, we feel called to do three things well in our vision to lead people to follow Jesus together. Those three objectives are Sunday Services, Life Groups & Planting Churches.

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how will this work?

*These are likely the cities but we are not 100% certain. We beginning in faith in Cortland and believing for God to lead us to each city in Trumbull Cty.


For months I asked God “how on earth would this be possible?” then he laid out a plan, clear as day.

I believe God wants us to plant three churches who will each be challenged to then plant two more churches with our guidance.  We will have 10 cities with a Rock of Grace church preaching the Gospel in 10 years, by the end of 2029. 

This would fulfill the two prophetic words given to me about “10 CITIES.” We believe that if the Holy Spirit has given the vision, then He will also give the provision & the plan.  The more we pray about this, the more confidence we feel that GOD CAN DO THIS.  Ohio is the only state with a scripture for it’s motto.  What is that motto?  “WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!”  

Pastor Josh Rouse who is currently our youth and executive pastor, was brought on our team with the understanding that he would eventually move out of the youth pastor role and help me plant churches.  When I first mentioned this to him driving through Cortland on our 2nd interview I had imagined 3 or 4, maybe 5 churches.  But God has enlarged my imagination and given me a clear word about “10 Cities”  Pastor Josh will be executing the vision God had birthed in my heart beginning in Spring, 2019.  He has been enthusiastic about this calling since the moment we talked about it.  In fact, God had laid church-plating upon Josh’s heart in his late teens.  He will guide each pastor through the 6 Vs process to ensure that each church is spiritually healthy and consistent with who we are as Rock of Grace. Pastor Josh will ensure that each church is …

  • Well Staffed With Anointed, Excellent Pastors  

  • Well Funded by the Parent Church *Kinsman campus will fund the first 3.  Once they’re sustainable, they’ll be tasked with planting 2 churches primarily supplying funds and people.  Pastor Josh and Pastor Jordan, primarily Pastor Josh will serve as “tour guides” to new Campus Pastors

  • Organized & Structure put in place to ensure longevity & sustained success using the 6 Vs Model Pastor Jordan is creating: Vision, Values, Vehicles, VIPS, Veterans & Vibe will all be consistent with our home campus. *See Last Page

  • Has a Launch Team that has attended CMN Launch Conference & is equipped to serve



What if we believed that we truly are a continuation of the book of Acts?  What if the church God started is still growing and we are called to play a vital role in it’s growth?  What if we actually begin to see believers in our church make disciples like we’ve been challenging them to?  What if God moves on the heart of even 5% of our church, assigning them to plant a new church and that were to happen every 2-3 years?


We have seen God move in POWERFUL ways here in Kinsman and we’ve seen a great harvest.  I hear God saying to us as he said to the servant in Luke 19 “Well done good and faithful church, you’ve been faithful in Kinsman, now you will be given charge over ten cities.”  This passage in particular has played a huge role in what the Lord has spoken to my heart concerning ten churches, 9 church plants in addition to our home campus. It’s always been a passage that has arrested me at my core. Every time I read it I think, “Master, I want to be the wise servant and do everything you’ve asked of me and give you a good return on your investment in my life.” If you know me well, you’ve even heard me pray that often.


I believe I’ve heard God’s voice saying to me “cast your net on the other side!” and I’ll bring in a miraculous harvest - a harvest you could never do in your own power!  God is telling us “do something different.”  In changing our perspective about what we are focused on, what we spend time on, what we spend money on and how we define success, we are being asked by God to cast our net on the other side.  We’re being asked by God “What if?”   “What if you can reach 1,000 people every weekend with 3 new campuses by the end 2023?  “What if those 3 new churches each plant 2 churches and you can reach 2,000 or more people every week with the Gospel, reaching the lost and discipling the found through Life Groups, Bible Studies and Sunday Services?” 

God is saying to us “What if I want to enable more people to hear My Word by calling Rock of Grace to have churches in 10 cities in 10 years?”  “Will you TRUST Me that I can do it?”  That’s what I believe the Lord is asking us!  I know.  I felt how you probably feel right now.  My response was “What!?” Then the Lord confirmed it again and again.  Let me share about that.  


The Bible says in 1 Timothy 3:15 “The church is the household of God, the pillar and foundation of truth.”  What is the hope of the world?  It’s JESUS.  And where is the hope of Jesus taught?  In churches every Sunday where Pastors can preach Jesus and train up believers to become disciple-makers.  This is why the Word of God says that the local church is the pillar of truth.  Pillars support structures.  The stronger the pillar and the more pillars there are the larger the structure can be and the more it can shelter.  We believe God is going to raise up pastors who will partner with us to plant 9 churches in the next 10 years, making us a 10 City Church, as has been prophesied to us twice now.   


The Bible gives us this picture of a word from God being confirmed by 2 or more witnesses and that idea is seen throughout the Bible front to back.  I’ve had the same exact word given to me twice. Pastor Al Yano from Ohio Ministry Network came to meet me in August in 2018 to talk about the Cortland church plant.  When he entered Brother’s pizza, he shook my hand and immediately said “Before we start, I believe I have a word for you the Lord gave me while I was driving here.  I want to quote a passage from Luke 19.  There are 3 servants and the one is given charge over 10 cities.  The Lord says to you “You are a 10 Cities man.”  I about fell out of my chair!  

What Pastor Al Yano didn’t know when he prophesied to me was that a godly man named John in our church came up to me in November, 2017 immediately after a service and said “Pastor Jordan I have a word for you but I have no idea what it means.”  I said “That’s Ok, go for it.”  He said “God says to you today “You are a captain of 10 Cities!”  I haven’t felt the presence of God and the Word of the Lord hit me that strong in years.  It was a word that pierced me - down to my spirit man and I had no idea what it meant.  As I walked away I began to realize that I was had just been talking with Danielle seconds before about planting churches.  John didn’t now that.  

John and Pastor Al Yanno both didn’t know that this passage in Luke 19 has always meant a lot to me personally.   I’ve preached from the parables of the vineyard and the stewards at least 15, maybe 20 times in my 15 years of ministry.  I’ve always felt strongly that I want to be a wise steward, a wise servant who gives the Master a good return on His investment.  When both men of God told me the exact same phrase “God says to you ‘You are a captain of 10 cities”  I began to pray deeply about what this all means.  I haven’t been able to escape the word of the Lord; it’s like a fire shut up in my bones as the prophet Jeremiah said.  God’s Spirit has since being asking me “Well, are you going to do it?  Are you going to trust Me?  Are you going to have faith?”  I answered “God, I can’t do it.” God said “I’ll do it. Just say “yes.”

I can’t help but act upon this word of the Lord.  It’s my life’s mission to be obedient to the Word of the Lord - to be a good steward, to be the “wise servant” and do my very best to accomplish the assignment God’s given to me and live out of His love for me.  

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!




Maybe God has been stirring in your heart that something new is coming for your life. Maybe you’ve got a gift and passion to lead worship but you’re not currently serving in that role anywhere. Maybe you’ve graduated Bible College or Seminary and you feel God calling you to plant a new church but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re just now feeling the call to ministry and want to hear more about our partnership with OSOM and OHIO SEU. Fill out the form below and Pastor Jordan will reply & set up a meeting.

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We’re driven to see ALL 166 kids waiting to be adopted out of foster care get adopted.

We’re driven to see deaths caused by opioid and drug addiction reduced by 50% in 10 years!

We’re driven to see crime rates drop by 20% by year 2030!

We believe that God is going to send revival and transform trumbull county for His Kingdom! We believe we will not only see thousands of hearts enter the Kingdom of God, but we’re going to see young men and women training up in ministry and sent out to the nations!

Will you help us plant churches? Will you help us raise the pillars of truth in communities like Girard, Howland, Warren, etc? Help us plant churches where the lost can find the truth and hope of Jesus Christ and then be discipled and taught to make disciples! Let’s advance the Kingdom of God and the wise servant who hears his Master (Jesus) say “Well done good and faithful servant. Enter into your Father’s joy!”